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Providing the best in exclusive and premium VIP Mobile Hookah service to Orange, Los Angeles and San Bernardino Counties. Offering the most desirable full-service VIP hookah experience both for private parties, weddings, bars, nightclubs, restaurants, and more! An absolutely perfect & unique addition to any gathering.

Hookah Mobile Hookah Service in Orange County, Los Angeles, San Diego, Inland Empire, and all of Southern California. We are the best Mobile Hookah Catering at clubs, bars, and private parties!

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"How I made $100,000 my first year selling on eBay with no inventory."

BDF Podcast #18 - Zak Khimji - YouTube: Strictly Shisha, Hookah Blogger, and Entrepreneur

In podcast #18 of the BDF Podcast, we have Zak Khimji of YouTube channel Strictly Shisha. We do a podcast with him via Google Hangouts and discuss Zak's future. We go over how he got started with hookah and how pursuing your dreams and passion is ideal.


BDF Podcast #17 - Omar Othman - Owner of Mirage Hookah Lounge, Alpaca Bowl & Perry's Beard

In episode 17 of the BDF Podcast we sit and chop it up with Mirage Hookah Lounge, Alpaca Bowl, and Perry’s Beard Essential, owner, Omar Othman. We go back to how Alpaca Bowl got started and how he turned around a hookah lounge that was going out of business. Omar goes over why he doesn’t want to work for someone else, and how his Dad influence his life to become a business owner. He goes back to when he was 15 years old and how he started his first business venture at that age. Omar shared how he is giving back to the world and the inspiration behind that. Plus Omar shares a lot more. 

BDF Podcast #16 - JNuc AKA Hookah Nuckuh - YouTube Hookah Sensation

On BDF Podcast #16 we did a video conference interview and learned all about JNuc!  We talked about family, life, goals and of course HOOKAH!!!  He shared his awesome story of his move from Texas to Arizona and his inspirations in life.  He explains why he has Haters and how it has benefited him to keep grinding it out.  He tells us about some of his favorite sport teams and one of his biggest motivators, Gary Vaynerchuk.

BDF Podcast #15 - Owner & Founder of Cloud 9 And A Few Of His Staff

In the BDF Podcast #15, we sat down with Cloud 9 Tobacco. Mike, the owner, share his background in shisha tobacco and how he started Cloud 9 Tobacco. Ray, the Cloud 9 coal re, talked about where Cloud 9 coals originated from. Also on the podcast we spoke with the sale representatives Ana and Hadi. 

BDF Podcast #14 - Pablo Perez - Are you an entrepreneur or a want-trepreneur

In episode #14 of the BDF Podcast we sat down with Pablo Perez, who is a entrepreneur owning multiple business. He discussed the difference between an entrepreneur and a want-trepreneur. He shared his thoughts on network marketing and why networking marketing is just a specialty. Why saying "... because I need someone to flip my burgers" is you having ego. Pablo goes into depth about gambling, rolling the dice, and why if anyone is going to bet on him it will be himself.

BDF Podcast #13 - Omero Guerrero

In this podcast we feature Omero Guerrero. We go over his "Why". The reason why he open up several business and launching a new business in a handful of months. He breaks down a conversation he had with his current business partner Pablo and how that conversation change his career path. He goes over his high point in his life as well as his low point. Also, he mentions how a supportive spouse inspires him to keep pushing forward.


BDF Podcast # 12 - Toan & Van Nguyen

In episode #12 of the BDF Podcast, we feature a dynamic couple, Toan and Van Nguyen who was use effective communication to make multiple six figures a year in business. They talked about how couples should support each other. There are also some special guests on the show at end. 

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